Part 2 - Using your Event

Here is the second part of how to setup and use sort my sport to organise an example football game on every wednesday evening.

First time you visit your event it will be empty, like this:

Lets add a player, just type a players name in the add player area and click add player button below.

They now appear in the list of players.

Clicking on the player name, allows you to change their playing status and they can add any comments if needed.

Add further players or let your team mates add themselves to the list as they come to the site.

As you approach the due event date, hopefully more people will saying they will be available.

Once you have a sufficient number of players you can alter the event details, to let everyone know. click 'edit event' and add in a message.

Game on!

At the end of the event day, everyones playing status will reset to unknown, ready for next week.